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Hair Design & Makeup Artist
Sorrida Salon offers jobs for part time hair and makeup artists who specialize in bridal styling. We train employees for the first part of their employment. After the training process has been completed artists move on to be fantastic designers that get to travel to unique venues and work with all kinds of bridal parties!
To apply to Sorrida Salon please email your resume, a brief description about you, and any photos of work you are proud of.
You must have a cosmetology license
If you are attending school at a Gene Juarez Academy you have a unique opportunity to partake in an externship program with Sorrida Salon. The externship is the last 80 hours of your schooling. It is a great time to learn some hair styling and makeup skills that you may not learn at school.
If you are nearing 1520 hours, please email us with your information and we can get you a schedule!
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